Secure Parcel Delivery Box

When you're not in, use LockTin.

LockTin is a secure parcel delivery box for all of your home deliveries, trusted by major UK delivery couriers. LockTin takes away the hassle of home deliveries.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Your LockTin is fully covered for the duration of your rental.

£5.99 per month

Secure parcel delivery boxes from £5.99 per month.

Safe & Secure

Never miss a delivery again with our easy to use parcel delivery box.

Convenience For Everyone

What is LockTin?

The LockTin is a simple and secure locker for all of your online shopping deliveries. Born from the utter frustrations of having to wait at home for a courier who never seemed to deliver packages at a convenient time.

With LockTin, there’s no need to stay in and wait for a delivery when you can arrange to have your online purchases delivered directly to your LockTin right outside of your home. LockTin also solves the post office queuing problem by allowing package collections directly from your home.

Never Miss A Delivery

The only simple, secure and convenient solution.

Secure Weather Resistant Digital Lock

Our digital lock is programmable, making it easy to change your code at any time.

Notification Flag

The handy flag indicates when you have recieved a parcel delivery.

Tamperproof Hinges

The LockTin comes fitted with heavy-duty hinges manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy.

Weatherproof Seals

Keep your parcels safe, rain or shine.

How LockTin Works


Buy Your Items Online

Add the location and access code of your LockTin to your order notes.

Delivery to your LockTin

Upon delivery, the courier will locate and access your LockTin.

Proof of Delivery

The unique PIN, barcode or QR code that is on the inside of the LockTin door will act as proof of signature.

Collect Your Items

When you return home you can conveniently retrieve your deliveries.

LockTin ‘How To’ Guides

It’s so simple you really cant go wrong.

Setting the Lock 1:55

Is it Water Tight? 1:44

Receive a Package 1:40

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LockTin the right choice?

LockTin is a simple, durable delivery locker designed to be a safe way to receive your internet shopping parcels. The robust, practical design makes it the perfect choice for the online shopper. Our weather resistant locks are IP54 rated (which means they are protected against moisture and dust) and will offer well in excess of 15,000 openings from two AAA batteries. When you’re not in, use LockTin.

Is LockTin Secure?

Yes! A LockTin home delivery box is made from robust, galvanised steel and has been designed to be screwed (using the pre-drilled holes in the back and base of the unit) to your house, garage or garden wall, so no-one can break in to it or carry it away. Our weather resistant lock mechanism has an IP54 rating (moisture and dust protection). The lock allows for a master code, a sub-master code a user code, you may change these codes as anytime. At the online checkout of your retailer you can advise the courier the user code in the notes area or special instructions box. A unique ‘digital signature’ label is positioned to the underside of the lid and the courier will either use your PIN number, barcode or QR code as proof of your signature.

Do couriers comply with the instructions?

Customer feedback has confirmed that the couriers will happily follow the simple instructions to use your Locktin and leave your online purchases. We have even cases when couriers have been promoting our product as it makes their life must easier and means they can deliver every time. Locktin is great for your Amazon deliveries and couriers all over the country are now using our product and complying with the easy to use instructions.

How big is LockTin?

LockTin is available in two sizes:
Standard 700mm high x 300mm deep x 400mm wide
Large 800mm high x 425mm deep x 500mm wide

Are items delivered to my LockTin insured?

It’s best to check with your home contents insurance provider. However, most insurers would class a LockTin secure delivery box as an outbuilding, so items delivered into it would normally be covered by your home contents insurance.

Is LockTin suitable for grocery deliveries?

Because LockTin is not refrigerated it is not recommended to store perishable groceries.

How does the courier know what to do?

The courier simply uses the details that you provided at the checkout (LockTin location and user code). The courier will find your LockTin delivery box and deposit the items inside. When you arrive home you will know that the delivery has been made because the handy ‘flag’ will be in the up position.

If there is nowhere for you to enter special notes then simply add the details into your delivery address.

What if the delivery requires a signature?

Each LockTin parcel delivery box comes complete with a unique digital signature which is affixed to the underside of the lid. The courier will use either your PIN, barcode or QR code as proof of your signature.

Can it cope with multiple deliveries?

Yes, the code for digital lock is not unique to one delivery. The codes can be used time and time again or you can change the code every time you use it.

I have a different question?

If you have a specific question that we have not answered here then please contact us on 0800 689 0016 and we will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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