Large LockTin Subscription

£7.99 / month

Simply rent a locktin for as long or short a term as you would like. For just £7.99 a month you have your locktin delivered and fully maintained for all of your parcel deliveries. You will never miss a parcel delivery again. We know that as soon as you start using your locktin you’ll never look back, however for those that wish to stop after our minimum 3 month period we will simply arrange to have the box collected and returned to us with no hidden fees.

800mm tall x 500mm wide x 425mm deep


LockTin is a simple, secure parcel delivery locker.

Our new ‘cupboard’ parcel delivery box is made from robust, galvanised steel and has been designed to be screwed to your house or garage or garden wall. Pre-drilled holes in the back and base ensure it’s easy to install. The secret behind every Locktin delivery box is a simple reprogrammable digital lock that ensures every delivery is safe and secure.

Designed to be a safe way to receive your internet shopping parcels when you’re not in, LockTin eliminates the need to wait at home for a delivery. Just arrange to have it delivered to your LockTin home delivery box outside your property. When you’re not in, use LockTin.

Secure, weather resistant digital lock.

The LockTin digital lock has a simple 10 button keypad. The lock is programmable which means that you can change your code at any time.

Your convenient digital ‘signature’.

Your unique digital ‘signature’ can be found on the inside of the LockTin door. The courier will use either the barcode, the QR code or your PIN as your digital signature.

Convenient, pre-drilled fixing holes.

Installing your new LockTin couldn't be simpler. You’ll find pre-drilled fixing holes in the back and base to make installation quick and easy.

Handy ‘flag’ delivery notification.

When the LockTin has received a delivery, the handy indicator ‘flag’ can be put into the up position to let you know that you have a parcel.


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